How to Become a Mobile Application Developer

Gartner, Inc. projects that by 2017, the download of mobile apps will generate a revenue of $77 billion.

A mobile application programmer develops applications or programs that run on a smartphone and other mobile phones. Profession in mobile application development is projected to increase by 32% over the decade 2010 to 2020, creating 292,000 new occupations. Thus, this Adorasproject informative article rightfully discusses how to be a mobile application developer.

A Mobile application or even a mobile program is an application that runs on tablet computers and other mobile devices. Apps have been downloaded in increasing amounts now. At the time of July 2013, 50-billion programs were downloaded from the Google Play Android app store according to Statista. On May 16, 2013, Apple also announced that the 50 billionth app was downloaded.

The most downloaded programs would be those intended for games, information about maps, weather, social media, emails, songs, etc.. Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, The Weather channel, and I Tunes Radio are just one of the most popular apps. Nowadays apps are being developed for a variety of different services directly from purchasing to studying news to online banking.

Mobile application developers make these useful and exciting programs. The increasing popularity of programs has created a lot of demand within this area. Mobile application development is a flourishing industry. As stated by Indeed, the average yearly salary of a mobile application developer in the USA is $102,000 (at the time of 21 September 2014).

How to Become a Mobile Application Developer

Educational Requirements

If you are in high school and intending to operate within this field, you can Find a Bachelor’s Degree at either of these areas:

  • Computer Science
  • Software Engineering
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Mobile Computing

It’s not compulsory to have a computer science degree to find work as a mobile application developer. You can develop your expertise in languages such as C++, C#, Objective-C, and Java, and learn the cell user interface design and style.


Nevertheless, the extra knowledge of a certificate may give you an advantage over the competition in the job marketplace.

How to Develop Your Own Mobile App

Focusing on how to write your app will likely be useful for you if you would like to work as a freelancer and also sell it. You require knowledge about 4 Significant areas for developing a good app:

  • Awareness of programming languages
  • Knowledge about developing the front-end
  • Knowledge about creating the back-end
  • Insights in the company for coming up with a Wonderful thought and delivering it

Let us explore these areas one by one.

1. Knowledge of programming languages
You should know:

  • object-oriented languages such as Java, C++, Objective-C, and C# (different programs use different words)
  • Web development languages like HTML, HTML5, and CSS
  • Mobile platform APIs are unique to Android, Apple i-OS, Windows Phone, etc..
  • Cross Platform mobile suites like Antenna along with AMP.

2. Knowledge concerning creating the front-end

Today, mobile phones have a touchscreen and small keypad. So, to utilize and connect to a program, users will probably be using the Graphical User Interface (GUI). It ought to be attractive, rich, and pure to use. Thus, you ought to know to produce a good GUI.

3. Knowledge concerning creating the backend

For building a robust backend on the program, you need to understand:

  • database management
  • hardware interaction
  • memory management
  • security
  • network integration