The main purpose of artificial intelligence is to reduce the human effort by providing them modern technological devices. Robots are the most known term in the field of artificial Intelligence. AI performs intellectual work as human beings performs. It allows human to control their work remotely. AI plays important role in different fields let’s discuss some of them here shortly and quickly:

AI in Business Management:

AI provides a lot of software tools and techniques that make a business manager and high level executive more comfortable to enhance  their business. AI provides them facility to control their work remotely even from home. By using AI tools there is less chance of errors than human. They have incredible speed, precision and accuracy as well. It provides virtual assistance too.

AI in E-commerce

AI is vastly spreading in each and every walk of life. No doubt, in e-commerce AI is playing a vital role and providing opportunities for capitalizing the e-commerce field. Amir Konigsberg is the current CEO of Twiggel, a business that enables e-commerce search engines to think the way humans do. The AI technology gives businesses a competitive edge and is available for each and every size of organization. It helps in recall your customer But how can AI be used to enhance a customer’s shopping experience? Well, some businesses are now using facial recognition to capture customer dwell times in the physical store. So using this recognition means a huge role of AI in E-commerce field as well.

AI in health care:

In medical field AI is used to get the brief data of a person(patient). It helps in medical field by providing software and programming techniques that makes a man enable to deeply identify and analyze the complications of medical data. AI applications in health field provides help to analyze relationship between prevention/treatment and patient outcomes. Before AI systems can be deployed in healthcare applications, they need to be ‘trained’ through data that are generated from clinical activities, such as screening, diagnosis, treatment assignment and so on, and it requires a lot of time and human effort as well,  so that they can learn similar groups of subjects, associations between subject features and outcomes of interest. But later with use of AI it becomes easy and less time consuming to analyze the things.

AI in Intelligent Cyber Security

AI with machine learning can make remarkable progress in every field of life including cyber security. AI guards against cyberattacks. As we know hackers are everywhere because of them man want their data more secure and always try to find new technologies to overcome this issue. AI played a vital role here in keeping data secure somehow. As AI with machine learning providing many sets of Algorithms in form of softwares to prevent any kind of viruses, the security industry hunger for algorithms is understandable. Using machine learning and AI to help automate threat detection and response can ease the burden on employees, and potentially help identify threats more efficiently than other software-driven approaches.


AI in Human Resource Management:

AI mostly effecting the human resources industry by growing global clamour for robots. As we know robots are making most of human tasks easy and less time consuming as well as on other side human is complaining about being unemployed because the work which is done by 100 people are getting done by 2 robots is kind of miserable for human beings. But we can’t deny the power of AI as providing robotics system(future of the world). By using AI and automation, businesses can identify a diverse range of top candidates quickly and easily, and at a pace that keeps stride with the frenzied speed of modern business. Using AI for recruitment has the potential to eliminate some of the behavioural and perceptive bias that is a common shortcoming of human interaction, skewing first impressions and subsequent judgments,” says Richard Coombes, leader of the HR transformation practice at Deloitte.